About Us

Cloud & Apps ( 云加科技 ) is a proximity technology company based in Shanghai, China. We provide an iBeacon proximity SDK as well as a cloud-based platform that provides beacon fleet management, content management and analytics. We also provide integration into third-party platforms including the popular Wechat social media app, which enables venues to quickly gain the power of iBeacon-triggered on-site marketing engagement capability without having their users download a separate app. Our customers are mainly shopping malls, retail shops, conferences and exhibitions in the greater China area, but are always willing to provide our cutting-edge cloud-based solutions to every corners of the globe.

Our Team

Cloud & Apps is consisted of a highly product-focused team, with core members having over 10 years of experience working on enterprise software architecture, iOS/Android development, cloud computing, big data analysis at companies such as HP, SAP and Microsoft. Our industry experts have multiple years of experience working in marketing and consulting roles at retail, luxury and fashion companies.


We are a certified independent software vendor (ISV) for Microsoft, and a strategic partner for the leading iBeacon manufacturer Sensoro. In recent years, we have implemented multiple integrated iBeacon and CRM solutions through these and other partner channels.


Industry Recognition

Cloud & Apps was given the iBeacon industry expert award by the leading industry news portal ibeaconworld.cn

Cloud & Apps was recognized as one of the key iBeacon software platform providers by iReport's 2016 industry white pages.