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Proximity  Marketing

Personalized In-Store Offerings

No matter which store your customers go to, show them the offering that personally interest them the most the moment they walk into your store.

Store Performance Analysis

Optimize operations through detailed analysis of per-store traffic.

Lndoor  Navigation

Interact with large screens

Easily participate in interactive campaigns or obtain the content being displayed.

Personalized  Mobile  Content

Consumer Behavior Insight

Gain insight into consumer preferences, see how marketing messages affect offline consumption patterns.

What you get


Brand membership app


Wechat shake- initiated engagement


Web management portal


iBeacons, including on-site maintenance

Additional Services

Member and loyalty points management system

Content customization and mobile marketing consultation.

Data analysis service

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Case Studies

Laiyifen is a top snack foods brand in eastern China. Working with Cloud & Apps, it deployed iBeacons across more than 100 stores in Shanghai and integrated our platform into their app. Now when customers visit any of its stores, they are able to receive personalized promotions on their phones, and Laiyifen is able to obtain powerful analytics that helps it better understand customer behavior, demographics and preferences.

GrosFairy is a trendy cupcakes brand with premium quality product and a chain of fast-expanding stores. Using the Wechat and iBeacon-based solution provided by Cloud & Apps, customers who shake their phones and follow GrosFairy’sofficial Wechat account obtain a chance to win free cupcakes. As result, GrosFairy had rapidly expanded its social media presence.