Make your malls a destination for delight

Proximity  Marketing

Location-Based Push Messages

Help customers discover extra value on items around them

On-Site Engagement

Draw more customers to your shops through engaging campaigns

Lndoor  Navigation

Indoor Navigation

Ensure they can get to where they need to go quickly and easily

Personalized  Mobile  Content

Consumer Behavior Insight

Maximize revenue per unit area by understanding consumer preferences and purchase patterns within the mall.

What you get


Mall membership app


Wechat shake- initiated engagement


Web management portal


iBeacons, including on-site maintenance

Additional Services

Member and loyalty points management system

Automatically identify VIPs as they walk in your door. Immediately provide your staff with the information they need to provide the best personalized service for these clients

Custom reporting service

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Case Studies

The CTFHOKO mall is a new flagship cross-border shopping mall under the Chow Tai Fool group. Before it was due to open in December 2015, Cloud & Apps helped it implement an app and iBeacon-based solution that allows customers to place orders for in-store pickup, conduct indoor navigation, and receive personalized promotions when they’re at specific locations within the mall.

The K11 mall is one of the top destinations in the center of Shanghai that combines exhibits by top artists, fine dining and a great shopping experience. With the app and iBeacon-based solution deployed by Cloud & App, customers are able to receive personalized promotions near specific locations, and mall managers are able to keep track of the how well shopper guidance personnel are able to direct customers to stores.