Help them learn and become inspired

Proximity  Marketing

Learn about exhibits nearby

Learn more about a group of exhibits in the room or just the one in front of you.

Indoor navigation

Find your way to that famous painting you've always wanted to see.

Lndoor  Navigation

Location-based learning games

Join in an exploration game and discover the secrets in every room.

Personalized  Mobile  Content

Attendee Behavior Insight

Watch which exhibits get the most attention to help plan the next show.

What you get


Location-based content management system


Indoor map and navigation


Web management portal


iBeacons, including on-site maintenance

Additional Services

Special event invitation and check-in system

Member management system

Museum app

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Case Studies

The K11 mall is one of the top destinations in the center of Shanghai that combines exhibits by top artists, fine dining and a great shopping experience. Using the app and iBeacon solution deployed by Cloud & Apps, visitors to its art gallery are able to automatically receive information on an artwork when they go near them, and initiate interactions with various displays by shaking their phones.