Make your app a location-marketing powerhouse

Deliver precise, personalized marketing messages and gain deep insight into their preferences based on accurate offline behavior analysis.

Micro-Location Engine

Accurately obtain your users' position, whether indoors or outdoors

Wake up phones at defined locations to perform in-app actions

Continuous indoor and outdoor location tracking even with the phone screen locked

User Engagement Platform

Define location-triggered actions using our built-in templates or define your own

When integrated with your CRM system, define user categories and the different content each can receive

Fine-tune each location to achieve your ideal triggering behavior with parameters such as distance, dwell time, etc.

Location-Based Consumer Portrait

Determine user path, brand / product preference and other attributes

View traffic data for each location separately or perform analysis based on multiple location hierarchies

Custom reports available as needed

What's included

iOS or Android SDK to enable ibeacon detection capabiity

Web portal for viewing analytics and setting up enagaement

Support for setting up your iBeacons

Access to the Cloud & Apps iBeacon and advertising network (coming soon)